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found it .. hidden in some folder  …  well i maybe dumb at writing poems but this is my best work … all out of love for my sis ,,,,, had written for sannidhi wen she left for US in Aug last year

TO: The sweetest girl i hav ever met/ my best freind/ loving sister

It was some random day in sem3
The place next 2 u was free
I din noe u, u din noe me
U gave me a strange look
Reactin to which i returned to my book
Embarassed i guess, I went back 2 sit behind
But u noe destiny had something else in mind
Here i need ur help coz of my dull memory
How did we first communicate ??      ……. (please write it down at d end if u remember)
All i can recollect is that initially
Marriage was a topic of our debate  ….. (i was kind of against marriage but then ……….. )
I m not sure if dis is true
After few days, for some reason i called u
little did i then imagine
That dis was going 2 become our daily routine …….. (thanx mtnl … )

Slowly sharing of problems began
One of which was abt my love scam
U addressed her as Madam
I Thought as if she was eve nd I Adam
But things went wrong nd i was in disbelief
Lucky that u were always there 2 my relief
U told me “dc u deserve better”
I could understand only later       …… ( kya karu slow hu/tha na)

came dos days, i cud see my desolation disappear
coz in the form of u, god had gifted me a sister
We were so contrast i was waste,lazy and u always busy
but watever time i spent with u always left me with ecstasy
My only prayer to thee
Is that u nvr forget me


Coming out of hibernation

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