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Yet another end

I used to write, not because I sought attention, but because I always felt I was better expressing my thoughts penning it down. This was something I liked, but like many other good things in my life which I left half way, this blog space wasn’t spared either.

So many travel stories, tales of wisdom, daily struggles went unheard and undocumented. I ended my blogger account few years back since I hoped to have a better and an organized start at wordpress, which I have failed to again. In the process I feel, I haven’t done any justice.

All my life, I have been searching for something or the other. Right now there are too many things i have to do away with. At times you don’t seem to understand where to begin with. I thought a quarter life crisis was something which occurred at when you pass an age 1/4th of your life, I never thought it would be something which would last a quarter of a lifespan.

Doing away with one end would mean yet another start, another try, moving away to a space  of anonymity where I would express myself better  without any fear of judgement.