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The Real Failure

The Real Failure

There is a story of a young reporter who was commissioned to interview  an old and successful businessman.

`Sir,’ he asked politely, `what has been the secret of your success?’

The older man leaned back on his leather swivel chair, behind his   shining mahogany desk, and replied, `Two words, son, two words: right   decisions.’

The reporter wrote it down. Then he asked another question. `And how do  you learn how to make right decisions, sir?’ he asked.

The successful business man leaned back further and replied, `One word,  son, one word: experience.’

The reporter wrote this down, too, and then asked, `Well, sir, how do  you acquire experience?’

The older man leaned forward over his desk and whispered  conspiratorially, `Two words, son, two words: wrong decisions!’

The only real failure is failing to learn from failure.

What are some great motivational short stories? 

Answer by Pratham Jain:

courtesy Quora



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