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From Resolutions to Realizations

Its that time of the year when people generally start jolting down their new year resolutions. I was one of them, but not now, for most of my resolutions have been stretching for years and moving from one year to another. So this year, no more new year resolutions. That doesn’t mean to completely get rid of setting targets and goals; for life would be boring without them, just that not wait for the first week of the year to do so.

Well as we switch to a new year, I want to wish all a happy new year and happy realizations. Realizations ?? Yes I have to decided to move from looking forward to achieving those new year resolutions to welcoming new realizations that life teaches along its way.

Like 2014 affirmed for me this very important realization that

Things keep changing, some for good some for bad which has a later good. Change is a natural and important phenomenon. Old leaves space for the new. Sometimes it can get heavy but the secret to happiness is acceptance. Do the best of what you can, embrace the present moment & accept life for what is. Acceptance is important to peace. Peace is the foundation of happiness, and happiness is our natural state.


May 2015 continue to bring some happy realizations which you can carry with you and spread in the many more beautiful years to follow


Coming out of hibernation

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