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13 Weeks of Redemption – Work in Progress

Its been a while since I have updated this blog space. I am into the 8th week of my 13 weeks of redemption. Well what is this redemption all about and 13 weeks ??

Well this is a redemption from the feeling of unworthiness, fear and all pessimism. This is to practice love, peace and gratitude no matter what, to believe that however steep and difficult the road seems to be we will reach our destination, if not in a day, then in a month or in a year or 5 years, but someday for sure. If nothing, at least for the journey and experience. No is not going to be our first choice to any question.

All these years, I and many like me have hunted for the answer to this simple question “What’s the secret to success and happiness”. Assuming both have a deep co-relation to some extent. Well the answer to this question lies in the story which all of us must have read in school. The tortoise and Hare – “Slow and steady wins the race”. Just one step everyday however small to reach your goal and carry it on for days, weeks, years. That will be 365 steps a year. Day by day nothing changes, but over a period of time you realize what has changed. Often, its important to work on the inside and that brings the force to change things outside.

And 13 just sounds good to my hear. So 13 weeks of redemption which will followed by many more weeks of work in progress. When I look back at the last 8 weeks, I feel I have surprised myself. My achievements  however small in scale exemplify to my consistence, dedication and self – discipline towards my dream which I have a name for (some other time about that). I have started late, but its ok. I might be late, slow but I’ll reach there for sure just like the little tortoise did.



Coming out of hibernation

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