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13 Weeks of Redemption – Framing the guidelines

All my life, I have been a rule hater. Rules – what the hell – avoid. School uniforms, time table, this that. I thought leaving school was one road to freedom, but rules followed in some form or another. Discipline – this word irritated me big time.

But then I have realised this rules are not hindrances in our freedom or happiness, they actually help us. I am not talking about rules such as wearing a tie on Mondays and Tuesdays (Infosys), but yes there are some set of rules which guide us and help us grow. Self discipline is one of the key ingredients to a happy life if not a successful life. Well a happy life is a successful life in itself may not be the true always the other way around. Well what is success may again differ from person to person.

Problem occurs when you live in such an environment where nothing is imposed on you. That sounds so fun right ? Well Humans. Its not like that, this I am saying by the little experience I have had since the start of 2014. Most of the year, I haven’t had any such time table, I am free to wake up whatever time I want. I had to attend universities on some evenings and assignments I would procrastinate as well as finish to the best of my abilities, but that kept me busy for few weeks of the many weeks I have lived here. What do I do the rest of the time when I have no strict deadlines, no one sitting on my head. Its been adhoc and I am not sure if it has done any good or bad. It doesn’t matter if I live a day to day life, but when I look at the big picture it does. Things cannot be just adhoc, there has to be a time table and a set of guidelines to follow. Just like a country has its constitution, a temple has a set of timings for pooja and aarti, a school has a schedule for the students, the animals and birds have their own , and hence it’s natural for an individual to have his own set of rules to abide to. Abiding by them should be natural tendency.

Well self discipline and time management do they go hand in hand ? Really not sure. I feel time management is an outcome or more precisely a subset of self discipline. So yes its self discipline which I need to incorporate in my life, which will help me always in every field and place. Today I need it the most.Late realization but a happy realization.

And is it easy for a man who has been wandering, aimless , adhoc, who has been always living in the flow to make this a part of his life. It’s not easy but I cannot postpone it. Over the coming days, I will jolt down few necessary outcomes of my analysis, my life my rules but I need to abide to them properly this time, some for life. I have already started working and following on some points, rest I am working on jolting few more for a better life. My life’s text book. Need a break from self help books and actually work on the self. Enough of reading, now time for practice.

If self realization is god realization, then loving god would be equivalent to loving myself and its not that I do not love myself, but just there are some things which I need to correct and all will be good. Work in progress.



Coming out of hibernation

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