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In my room, sitting alone with my laptop, wondering which book to read, which movie to watch, just be idle. This is what i loved the most at one time. This place is where I have watched tons of documentaries, learnt most of my lessons, made my travel plans, explored my little creative side.

Now that I am leaving home for one more final time, this things I will not experience again.

I don’t know why but suddenly I feel I have lost a part of me. This is natural during the quarter life crisis stage, with your growing age and hormonal changes. You become less innocent. I had been trying to not to think about it. But it’s something u can’t avoid. Suddenly I realize I am on an altogether different track from the rest of the plot. Being different is not something which should make me doubt myself, but then the fear of living sole and whole for long does bother. 
But i have the experience to be that way so i should be prepared. I wouldn’t have been what I am good or bad had it not been for this solitude. Anxieties are part of life, its our choice whether we let them stay in our mind or give it a damn and move on doing what you know is best at the moment. 
This moment may never come back, this place may cease to exist or even if it stays still, I don’t think I would be the same.


Coming out of hibernation

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