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Sometimes .. Actually many times

Sometimes actually many times you find yourself at a place in time when you really do not know what is right what is wrong. Were your past decisions right or wrong, u feel in the realm of nowhere. At these moments, you might think inaction is better than anything else but thats not how the world is. You gotta take a step you can’t just be still. The world doesn’t allow that and even if it did how would you control your mind, the wanderer.

As i grow up, with every passing day I can understand why people turn to God. I am not an Atheist. I do look upto him but not with that eagerness or constant affection. Its not the first time.

Sometimes actually many times you are searching for an answer and you know where would you find it. Be it a book. But the book is like too many pages and doesn’t have accurate references. Oops i rather try to find some answers to some other questions than spending all time on this one question.

I have been too busy with other irrelevant questions. But now I am closer to realize that only and only will the answer to that question put an end to the quest of the remaining answers. Time has come not to go far, time has come to open the book, to find the answers


Coming out of hibernation

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