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Today I am writing

Today I write not for expressing some thoughts, feelings or summarizing any events in my life as I do usually on this blog, Today I am writing just because I felt like re-visiting my old home – my blogger webspace.

Its just like one of the things you haven’t given any of your time recently, but you know it still exists, it made you happy and still makes you. But you have been ignoring it because you are surrounded by pile of other things to do. My old home – I used to be so cautious about decorating it, properly reviewing each and every word before publishing and not that the content was shared with many people, but it was just something which made the self happy.
Today, I don’t doubt how better I can write compared to yesterday,  but yes I do doubt about whether how clearly can I pen down my expressions with that same level of pureness.
I just want to be back doing what I started. Sometimes when I am too bored to do anything else, or I am down I just read what I wrote then.  It brings a smile on my face.
Don’t you ever wonder how would it be to read all those essays you would have written in your language examinations in school, and sometimes you would be wonder struck and feel  like “Oh was this me who wrote it” maybe looking at the grammatical mistakes which you don’t do as much now or looking at how pure and unadulterated your thoughts were then.
That makes writing such a special thing. I can’t promise myself that I would be here often, but I can try for sure now that I know the purpose of writing is much more than sharing your content with the world, or trying to bring about a change – it is to remind yourself something about you and that means a lot.


Coming out of hibernation

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