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Last moments of 2013. – Year in review

Today is 25th december (when i started writing), Christmas day. Last wednesday and many more such lasts going to follow some already passed, next wednesday would be a different year, still cant believe this eventful year is coming to an end so soon. Yes this year has been a roller coaster ride for me. It has kept me very busy somehow or the other. Busy with work, pursuing my dreams, bringing some to reality. I have learnt a lot and have a number of positives to carry forward.


This year has brought me closer and forever attached to the mission. In Dada I find my guru and in his teachings, I find the meaning of life, what are we meant to do on earth and a way to live a good life. Yes i am not perfect yet on the path but at least i have found one. I hope to move forward. I am sure dada’s and shri Krishna’s blessings will bring me close to them. 2013 gave me many beautiful moments, those divine thursday evenings, some sundays. That workshop in february when dada came to mumbai, dada’s bday, rath yatra for bade dada, dada at kc college and many more such transcendental moments. This was heaven on earth. In fact my year began with dada, thought it was a webcast, but it was a nice way to start. I also feel blessed to have had met so many nice people in svm bandra, mumbai who guided me further and helped me pursue’s dada’s biggest of all teachings viz. help others. Opportunities came regularly and i really feel that it is true to joy to serve others. I am a Bridge builder, dada help me become one true one someday and improve in the coming days. I look forward to meeting dada’s family in Singapore.

Work – Google DSM

Ya i learnt a lot. Compared to last year, i see myself in a better picture now. Work has been smooth for most of the part. New techniques and technologies i came across. I gave a few interviews, but that was not meant to be. This year in fact was the first time i took some. I see myself moved to the next level, being able to mentor as well. Google and dsm was a great experience. My colleagues have been very helpful, generous and besides me never hesitant to extend their support, which is really something to be grateful for. Numerous project parties were there. It was great work wise. Also i am thankful that the physical proximity from pune station made it possible for me to be part of many gatherings at the mission. i’ll always remember it.

Leh – Ladakh : Trip to Heaven

Now this was a dream for the last couple of years. I still can’t believe this happened. I was quite adamant this year that I visit Kashmir anyhow even if it be a solo. But that was not so so practical for me. I would say Aditya’s consent that he will be there even if no one else motivated me to plan this further and make this dream real. I thank all those who helped me plan, joined and were somehow or other part of this most memorable journey of my life. Those 10 odd days (10 Aug – 18 Aug) are something which I will never forget and I wish to relive that some other time again.

Road to NUS

When I got my admit from NUS, I was agape. Frankly speaking i was not expecting it. I was not sure that I wil ever be able to do a post graduation especially from an institute as highly rated as NUS. But at some point in my life, I think the SECRET worked, makes me believe more in the LAW OF ATTRACTION. When you want something with pure heart, the universe conspires some way or the other to give you that. It was not something which happened instantly. It took me years to chose between MBA and MS, and then when I gave my gre and toefl in 2012, NUS was not even in my top 4 colleges. It was later i realised, and then all other things happened, It was the one and only place I applied for and bang on. On my road to NUS, I have met many people who have helped me move when I felt I was going to pause or felt is the road worth travelling for. I thank them all for guiding and motivating me.


I never faced any sort of illness or major issue in terms of health this year and I thank almighty for keeping me in good health and taking good care of me.


I think I need to write a separate blog on this. I have watched so so many this year. Mostly on Fridays while travelling back home on my IPAD. I have kept a note of all that and many more I watched. So many check-ins with Aniket, Anmol, Aditya. Wow is what I can say. Most of the movies have been really great and worth remembering. I am going to keep up the spirits next year as well.


IPAD mini was a real good add on. I remember switching it on my birthday 13th jan. So it will turn 1 when I turn 25. I mean I wanted to buy it since long, one of my desires it was since like the first ipad was launched. But i was always in doubts, even when I could afford it, was it worth the heavy price. I must say I don’t regret buying it. It has been a constant companion especially during my travels. I have used it watch many movies, documentaries, seinfield; playing candy crush saga and much more. Mobile: Resisting my temptation and urge to buy a new one, constantly researching for that though, I continued with my old Nokia 710. It was a rough ride especially with the battery woes. I must be proud of myself though for sticking to it.Laptop: My VAIO is now 5.5 years old. Every year I feel this could be the last one, but ya it has been moving on. This year also it made it through. It is good for my use and I never faced any issues at least in terms of running softwares. Otherwise battery deteriorated and it needs a fan for support. 2013 was not easy for it, hope 2014 is going to be smooth for it.


Now Seinfeld is a real awesome show and very few people actually know about it. I would rate it on the same level as I would do for FRIENDS. Kramer is my favorite character. I am sure I’ll keep on re-watching it like I do with FRIENDS sometimes. This show is simply superb, it makes you laugh and the jokes are based on very simple day to day incidents, not using any element of vulgarity or any nerdy things. I am glad I am watching it. Its also a stress buster and by my side when I am down or not feeling good.


Shiva trilogy was the highlight of this year. Read all three books mid year and I must say this was engrossing. A real blend of mythology and fiction quite brilliantly written. Apart from that read exodus ( a story about a ship carrying jewish refugees to palestine ) but I am not through it yet. Also read Jaya the retelling of Mahabharata which was amazing and a subject of my interest. Well there must be many more I missed out on. Next year I guess I would have to deal more with academics books, but ya I am going to continue on other areas as well every now and then.

Pune Home

It was like a home away from home and like a sort of reunion. 15 months, my previous best was 8 months at any rented place, speaks all. There were many memorable moments especially the late night movies, nonsense talk. Few moments here and there but overall it was the best experience away from home. Most of trip planning happened here, i learnt to use the gas more often, make tea, etc. Few things i messed up i won’t deny but overall it was good.

Family and Mumbai

This year in this term, i didn’t get much time to spend at home. I was at every point of time occupied with something or the other, this happened till the end. I was not good with time management, i wasted a lot of my time at wrong places. Didn’t do much of learning at home, or a full day spent in peace without sleep at home, such moments were very rare. 2013 kept me very busy.

Phoenix Market City

Few years back i couldn’t imagine such a place coming up in a mediocre locality like mine, but this is true and this is sort of my 2nd home in Mumbai. Whenever i wanna watch a movie in Mumbai, i do not think beyond the pvr over here.

2013 was very lively and special in some way maybe because of me being frenzy about my lucky number 13. Yes there were some hard moments, some upsets, but i want to bury all the bad memories and just take forward the good moments and the lessons learnt and I realise those upsets, of not getting what I wanted, was in a way good, maybe i really didn’t need them and I am happy without it. Nothing is bad. I’ll miss u 2013. Thank you for being so nice. If 2012 was the year i saw dreams, and started working towards them, 2013 was the year when i accomplished most of them. 2014 will follow on the same route. I hope i have many new chapters and moments to share for the next year.Good bye 2013 (I still can’t believe this is getting over) Welcome 2014.. I’ll be welcoming you the same way as i did with 2013 🙂


Coming out of hibernation

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