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It’s been 5 years

This week marks my  half a decade association with my laptop. Yes I remember that day 26th July 2008, it came as a surprise. Most of the things I get in life come to me when I never expect them to. At that point of time I was craving for one, but it seemed distant. However law of attraction played its part and I was blessed with this thing, who has been best friend to me ever since.
Not a single day when I am home, that I do not spend with you. I have spent days and months with you. There have been some great moments , watched some great movies, many TV shows which I loved,  thanks to you, played some awesome games, written poems, blogs, many first time experiences, some live matches, find a job, booked so many tickets , and what not.  There also have been some sad moments, and couple of addictions. You have witnessed it all. It’s like if you were personified, you would know every inch of detail about me.
It would be unfair to not mention that we had some tough moments too.  In 2010, during final year exams you were dismantled to such an extent that I thought It would be over. But you made it through. Although you aren’t perfect with all your battery issues and can’t run without support of other external hardware, you still mean a lot to me. I am thankful to you for being there for so long. Love you.



Coming out of hibernation

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