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Can you live a life of duality

Yes. Its a simple question, its a condition I am living since the past few years. I think and believe in something, but my actions don’t reflect that. I am aware of the complex processing going in my mind. Oh my creator, I apologize to you for my misdeeds. I owe a token of gratitude for still having hope in me that I would reform. I am neither evil, nor am I pure. I am somewhere in between of these opposite poles. Yes, I do live a life of duality. 

 But that day shall come soon when I would be home. The day when I will fight and win the battle with myself. Good and bad is not outside us that we come across in our daily lives, in fact in the real sense good and bad is within all of us and we do realize that. It is the good that makes us happy, it is the bad that makes us sad and prevents us from seeing the good in others, and the good in ourselves. Eventually, most of us live this life of duality and hence we say no one is perfect.

 Perfection is not the end goal, attaining perfection is a never ending process which I want to be a part of. I want to start this process, in a simple way. Tomorrow, in my train journey, I shall write down 10 things which I don’t like about myself, and the next thing would be to work on those, to strive to improve on those and reflect on the progress after few days. 

 Life has taught me few lessons. I never thought that after school and college, someday I had to become my own teacher, my own guide. The good me has to teach the bad me some lessons. I hope he is successful. 


Coming out of hibernation

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