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This day, that year

On this day in 2012, I quit. It was quite a bold decision at that point of time as I didn’t have a back up. Very few I knew could understand what I did then and continued telling me to take back my resignation, although tempted at some point, I didn’t. I could accept being jobless rather than being somewhere where I was not happy. I am glad I followed the bliss.

Well that week in 2012 was real cool, gre, casino and job resignation all in one week. Well life has always been different for me, that’s the way it should be for everyone.
Things eventually worked fine. I have completed 8 months in my new organization too. Well and i really learnt a lot in between the day i resigned and the day I signed for my new job 🙂
Working with Google, well never asked for it that time, never thought I could considering my limited technical skills at that point of time. But somehow the universe brought me here. I had faced more than a dozen rejections and disappointments before landing here, but i understood the purpose of those dejection’s only later. They really thought me a lot and brought me to this place.
And another thing I will always take from that episode is, listen to the heart, don’t get carried away by what the world thinks and says to you, have faith in yourself, your dream and the supreme force guiding this universe.


Coming out of hibernation

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