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Hachiko – A dog’s Story

Few movies have the power to touch your heart, your soul and bring out the emotions inside you in the form of tears. I remember Forrest Gump was one such. But today after a very long time, a movie has touched my heart to that extent.

Hachiko – A dog’s tale is a 2009 film based on a true story about a stray, lost dog who has been adopted by a compassionate passerby, which  Richard Gere plays impeccably . These two then share an unbreakable bond which ……. I don’t want to spoil your fun if you haven’t seen this movie. So i would suggest you to add this on your next to watch list.

I really get emotional even now thinking about this movie. Off late I have been watching a lot of movies and there is really something good to take from each one of them. When it comes to this one, i would say that I have learnt that love is not necessarily a bond shared between a boy with a girl, mother with her child, love is a bond between two souls. Hachi shows us that. Hachi is such a cute innocent puppy. Unlike other movies where characters in love get to speak great lines to express their love, Hachi has a different way altogether of doing that with his limited gifts. When I saw “Marley & Me”, that made me emotional too and i thought of having a pet like Marley. Its been 3 years watching that and I still haven’t done anything on that front. Watching Hachiko has now made me to rethink on that note, where on earth can I otherwise find such a loyal friend. It also has taught me to look at every stray dog on the street with respect, they could be having their own tale too.



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