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The year summarized

So turned 24 today and short of words to describe this feeling. Maybe the excitement level isn’t at the peak anymore, but its always good to get so many calls on a single day in spite of not sharing it on social networking sites. At the end, it is who all really matter will remember and reach to you anyhow. And yes, there are few exception always.

In fact birthdays at times can summarize who all have entered your life in that particular year, who have stayed through and who all have left. May not hold true always, but to a great extent. So going by the tradition i started just few years back, I would summarize my year, the good things that happened and ya lets chuck the bad things. There were many, it was a tough year, tough time, lonely time but let me give a break to the negativity and bring out some good happenings of my 24th year.

Last year I had made my mind to change my job. In fact exactly a year back on this day I gave my first interview, where I couldn’t speak out much and it made me feel like I didn’t know anything about what I work on. But slowly, steadily after overcoming many failures I land up in a place which makes me feel to some extent it was worth it. Its true when you want something you get it. In truth, there is no such thing as failure, failure is nothing but success delayed.

GRE and TOEFL were things which always disturbed me and impediments when I used to think about MS. I don’t know where I go from here but I am glad I am done with these with great scores, especially toefl. Relieved. GRE was more of an adventure than an exam.

Poker, poker this game has always ruled over my mind and it was a long time wish to play in the real world with real money and win. Finally, time came. In the may of 2012, this moment arrived. It was the best two nights of my life. This also helped me to get rid of the virtual world zynga poker coz when you get a higher taste you don’t like the lower ones.

Spirituality. Yes I am not perfectly on this path. I have yet to overcome many obstacles and desires. But progress should always be measured by comparing yourself with no one else but you, so comparing to last year this one was much good in spiritual learning terms. I was also blessed to be in the presence of great saints.

Trip. Since 2009 I have made trips a regular annual affair. 2012 also followed this ritual. It was singapore and jakarta again, but a great experience. Changi Terminal 3 – checked. Hoping 2013 too has something great in store too.

Losing weight. This has been a mix thing. I haven’t lost yet on consolidated terms. But there were times when I did. It makes me realize that I still can, and when we want something then there is no one stopping you.

The most important highlight of the year. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Ya i was been told to watch this show long back, however i stuck to HIMYM, BBT, etc and kept this in my backlog. I am glad i did then. There is a right time for everything. This show means a lot to me. It made me smile and laugh when I was down. It was there to cheer me up and forget everything that disturbed me. It was the only thing I would look up to, Friends was there when my friends weren’t.

Not in full fledge, but have written quite a number of blogs this year compared to last. Have expanded the blog circle and explored new networks.

Made few decisions. Until last year, I was wandering and giving n number of exams mostly mba related. This year was a full stop on that. No more such exams. I don’t know what to do, but atleast I know what not to.

Ya, this almost sums up the good happenings of the year which passed. Hope to have much more great things to share after a full circle. All I aim for the coming year is to be a better person, be humble, compassionate, and grateful.


Coming out of hibernation

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