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My all time favorite Indian TV Ads

Ads sometime do more than serve their purpose. I have grown up watching Indian television and here are 12 ads which I love and are still fresh in my mind for some or the other reason. I hope if you grew up in India (in the 90’s) , you would have come across most of these.

1. DAIRY MILK – Well the music, the song, the simplicity, the cute girl and here dance and the tagline. I really love it and dairy milk too. It reflects the 90s era where life was so simple.

Another version of this cute ad


2. TITAN – This music will never fade away. Look at Minnisha Lamba. She is such a cute teen here


3. Raymonds – The music again here and the students bond with the professor. Its a class apart. Indeed the complete man


4. Dhara Oil – This one is simply cute. Jalebi is so tempting.


5. Indian Airlines – Another cute one. The Pilot purposely acts dumb in front of the cute girl just to make her realize how mature she is. Really beautiful.

Today Indian Airlines doesn’t exist, it was merged into Air India in 2007 which reminds me of an Air India ad. This one has Sania mirza. This ad however didn’t run long and wasn’t that popular. However I loved the message conveyed. The reason I love to travel by Air India or in general anyone would prefer flying their national carrier. I wish Air India all luck in its new journey.


6. Hutch Ad – This is truly beautiful. The dog is so cute. This mascot has been further carried by Vodafone (who took over Hutch).


7. Amul – When it comes to milk or dairy products, the first thing that comes to our mind is Amul. The Amul girl is still active today.


8. Airtel – These ads are an integral part of our life if we watch television. Airtel ads have been ubiquitous since its inception. By the way this us how the airtel music came into picture. None other than the great AR Rehman


9. Parker – This one starring the great Amithab Bacchan is really funny. Parker is really a class apart. Well I was inspired by these ads to buy my first Parker Beta. I remember there another one in which Big B says whats the use of having a pen thats not a parker. Still remember that.


10. Camlin Markers – Ending on a funny note,  the camlin marker ad. This one really made us all laugh. Really permanent.

These are the 10 odd ones I still remember. I am sure I must have missed on some good ones, there were plenty out there , do share your favorite ones too.


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