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Feeling Great About this

Got a toefl score of 116/120 something way above my expectations .. Really feeling great about this .. took a while to believe if this was true and it was … 🙂

reading – awesome 30/30 (thanks to all the books I have read in the past decade and the news I read everyday)
listening – awesome 30/30 ( thanks to the n no. of movies, tvseries and ebooks i have watched and listened)
writing – awesome 29/30 ( thanks to blogging)
speaking – awesome too . I was so scared of this section. 27/30 (inspite of not giving this area its fair share of time)

Hope this will help me in the coming 2 years and this compensations my below average gre verbal score to a great extent.

Scores are ready.
Now comes the real tough hard path. Now the only question unanswered is WHEN
Lets see if I am able to fly and in that case where do i land.



Coming out of hibernation

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