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Waiting for the push

There are times, when there are things which you know you shouldn’t do, to keep it in simple words. But then your mind still urges you to do them. Excuses like this is the last time, I am never going to do it again, etc  bombard you.

You are faced with just a simple choice YES or NO. Sometimes the most difficult questions in life have a very simple answer YES or NO. The biggest problem is the problem of choice. Now why am I writing this. To just share one of the common challenges of life, and seek some motivation.

What comes between what I am and Where I want to be. Temptations and lack of strong will to be simple.
I resigned from a stable job, I had 3 months to get a new job, time passed quickly. I was still empty handed. There were only few days left. I was tempted to revert my decision. I somehow managed to overcome my temptation and things went good later on.  This is just one example, I mean to say good things happened when I didn’t fall victim to temptations.

And on the other hand, when I have, it has always left me where I was. Mission 75 has been such a long never ending dream. Its something which I have wanted to achieve for long, but somehow I lose track always. I have started, got steady and then again deviated. I have come close at times and then gone far. I have promised myself, broken those promises equal number of times. Thats why I have nothing to promise now. Even an eagle needs a push. I am just waiting for a similar push which will help me fly so high above the clouds that the rain of temptations won’t bother me anymore.


Coming out of hibernation

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