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The 2 year journey comes to an end. I wouldn’t say that it was as if yesterday that I embarked on this path and everything passed away so quickly. That was not the case. There were times when everything seemed still. There were few things I loved about these years, few I didn’t but now I just want to relive the brighter side and ignore the other one.
30 Aug 2010 was my first working day at Infosys. 30 Aug 2012 was my last working day there. Co-incidentally 30 Aug 2009 was the day when I posted my first blog. Seems like 30 Aug some year will be the day when I write my last blog too.

Rewinding to 2010, the journey began at Mysore which was a blend of nature’s beauty with man’s architectural marvel and vision. It was the most beautiful place I had and to date have ever been too. Words short to describe the beauty and experience there. That’s why I shall use pictures. Follow the link below and read the captions too.
This journey was mixed with many outings, good times with friends, short trips to home, and feelings that I haven’t ever experienced like then. Yes and I did some technical stuff too there, actually that was the reason for being there.


Now this was the real world, and the real didn’t seem good after coming back from a great place. But had to adapt quickly, that’s life. Re-united with friends, that was great. We had frequent outings and it was fun. I changed 2-3 homes until I found peace in Aundh, Pune. This place had everything, friends, all facilities, shopping, restaurants, good connectivity to other parts of the city and above all peace. Rare to find all these things together in one place, but this one has it all. The best residential locality, it was great being and living there.  
Work was good during my initial days and kept me busy a year passed by in no time. I had a great trip too then. My leave balance was never in 2 digits. I would love roaming out. Infosys Ph 1 campus was clean, green and calm all time. It was good to have great colleagues around too.
Follow the link below
Came 2012 and things drifted apart. Many left. Some left the organization, some left the city, some just left and some i let go.
Meanwhile I tried to keep myself busy with some or the other thing. I had another awesome trip too. Then I quit. I learnt a lot, both in and outside my organization and I am still learning. Today I am happy to be free, to be back to this world of opportunities. Yeah, it’s not that easy but it’s ok to be at a place where change is just a step away. 

1)      When is your last day at work
–          30 Aug, 2012 (glad that now I don’t have to answer this).
2)       So What Next
–          No idea. Still working out
3)      How could you leave without having anything in hand
–          I saw myself going nowhere, I wanted change .I just knew I hadn’t had to stay here. I am trying elsewhere too.
4)      Are Higher studies on your mind
–          Not MBA for sure. Maybe something technical. Still not clear
5)      Strange Decision
–          Yes. (as always with me)


Hi All,
So curtains coming down to the exact 2 year long journey in my very first organization. Really short of words to begin with now, once deciding to write this. Not the perfect ending though there were fair share of happy experiences too. The start was great filled with the beautiful campus, great friends, awesome infrastructure and weekend outings filled with technical training at other times. I’ll cherish those memories throughout life.
Then it was time to come close to home and friends, It was the only thing I wanted then. Yes there were times when I kept on changing flats but finally I found home with my best buddies. It was really a great time with you all. The night shows, birthday treats and those debates for the venue and time. It was fun. Thank u all for the good time.
Also I owe big to Infosys for empowering me with knowledge and teaching me much beyond that too. It’s really a big achievement for an organization to manage itself well considering the scale of resources its filled with. No matter how much I crib about it,  I am really thankful to have been part of such an organization at one point of time in my life. I wish it finds a new approach to find solutions and is back in its old shape.
Today on emptying my mailbox, I check my old mails, I am left with memories of song of the day mails , other bulk mails and the good times I spent with you all then. It makes me wonder how things would have been if nothing had changed. I know off late I have been intruding your mailboxes with many forwards. I am sorry if it disturbed any of you. Sure that won’t happen again.

The future is uncertain but that’s what life is meant to be at times I guess. I thank you all once again for all your time and support. Wish you all success and a great future ahead.
Please use my personal id: for further communication.
Biding Adieu,
Deepak Chhatani


Coming out of hibernation

6 thoughts on “INFY MEMORIES

  1. Very well written!! Nostalgic!
    Could identify clearly with every phase…except changing houses!!
    Glad you got a home finally!!
    Wish you the best chattu!

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