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Oh no .. I slept again ..

Its 3 am and a bad dream broke my sleep which should have been broken a lot earlier or shouldn’t have happened at all. I woke up only to see my phone with 20 missed calls and God I realized I had to go somewhere with a cake to celebrate an office teammate’s birthday at 12am .. My entire team will be pissed of at me tomorrow and I don’t know how will it go .. I admit my guilt.

One more important event I missed because of my what was actually going to be a small nap was the Germany Netherlands Euro encounter. That was a match not to be missed. This was not the first time. I have missed numerous matches, precious moments in the past years because of this asynchronous sleep.

Why do I sleep at the wrong time, why does my sleep not get perturbed by inhumane voices, I wouldn’t have been feeling this bad for myself but today my sleep spoiled someone else’s joy too ..  I need to do something about this sleep issue, gotta be more flexible at days .. and hope never to repeat such grave mistakes in future …


Coming out of hibernation

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