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So trip over, but it was not like any other trip. This one was different, very different. I am glad that I bought a non-refundable ticket even though unintentionally, if that had not been the case this trip would have got cancelled, some goals wouldn’t have been achieved, some dreams wouldn’t have been fulfilled yet and the depressing loneliness wouldn’t have faded away.

Taking away extra leaves did no harm as my manager was fine with it and the losses incurred due to loss on pay were more than compensated at Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore. So no harms and nothing to worry about, all went fine with the grace of God.

On my way to Singapore, my fellow passenger too was a CS engineer from Chennai who had pursued MS and PHD from university of Florida. He was working at some research firm in Isreal. I had a long and detailed discussion with him. This really was a point of motivation. God has a plan, how in this universe he made me meet this guy by making him sit next to me. My flight wasn’t even initially planned for Chennai. It’s all part of the big script I feel.

Singapore City

The famous Singapore MerLion

This was my 3rd visit to Singapore. Everytime there is always something new in there to watch out. Hats off to Singapore. This time, it was Marina Bay Sands, the circle line and yup I finally spent an awesome time at Terminal 3, Changi Airport which I was wanting to since long but couldn’t in my last trips due to time constraints.

Changi Airport Terminal 3
My Love 

I then headed off to Jakarta, another sweet home of mine second to Mumbai. I love jakarta, in all terms. I spent quality time with my family and realized that I am blessed with a gift of inheritance and have a legacy to carry forward. I re-visited my childhood in the city where I spent my first birthday, infact which I first visited even before I was born. I shop very rarely, only once in a while and that too only in Jakarta. My favorite store Golden Truly has always lived up to my expectations and occupies roughly 70% of my closet. I managed to meet all my friends and family there, few I couldn’t again because of time constraints. Even inspite of such a tight schedule, managed to visit ally my favorite restaurants, watched movies, had my favorite nasi goreng and spent poker night with my family. All that I was dying to happen finally happened. The sad part was that this visit lasted only 5 days, well there was a time when i used to stay arnd 70-90 days at stretch there, but this time it was just 5. There were other things to give time to. Soekerna Hatta Airport is not as luxurious as Changi, but its simplicity and calmness is its USP. I hope it never changes. Thus ended my shortest visit to my 2nd home Indonesia.

Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

Back to Singapore on 14th May and my return ticket to Mumbai was on 27th May. GRE was always there in my mind. I had really worked hard for it all these days. Infact GRE kept me occupied gave me a reason to live in the past tough months when I had nothing else to look forward to. I wanted to end it on a good note. Giving GRE at home was the first choice naturally, but then I was not able to prepond my ticket due to the turbulence in AIR INDIA.So it was  final, that I had to stay there till 27th May by any chance. I had 13 days in hand, A trip to Hong Kong was always what I had been wanting since past few years. It’s a long lasting wish and I had the opportunity to fulfill it. But then If i did that when would i give gre. I was sure I wouldn’t get any further leaves going back home and morever I would loose momentum and my months of hardwork could go waste as I would loose touch if I further delayed it. Morever, I had other things to do beyond gre. So i was in a dilemma to choose between Hong Kong and GRE and in the middle of all this I even attended a demo mba lecture at SMU (Singapore Management University) ..

It was 16th May. I was studying but still unsure with this weird thought of giving such an important exam in a foreign land in the middle of my trip. I was perplexed, but I had to do something. I finally broke the deadlock and took a date for GRE. This weird thought became a reality. I gave my best in the coming days ( with the exception of 19th May) and finally gre ended on a good note with 314 on 23rd May. All the things you shouldn’t do before an exam were done by me. I attended a music concert on 18th by the melidious Sonu Nigam and what I did on 19th wouldn’t have been done by any normal person 3 days before an important exam, but still I managed to sail through it. GRE was over on a good note. 23rd May was not just any other day. I heaved a sigh of relief that I had been freed from this albatross. Although I expected 320, but this wasn’t bad too. I was more glad that it ended be it anywhere on earth. I had no one there to share my joy with, actually to correct myself no one who could understand my joy then. So I tried calling people to break this news but then some didn’t pick up coz of different time zones, some were too busy, some I was hesitant to call and some didn’t care. ( Thank God there was JT)  I recollected then how it was during college time, when anyone would give gre, Everyone else would know about it and there would be murmurs and desperation to know their score and how everyone would congratulate them. My story was different. You know its ok to be left alone in sad times, but try not to leave people alone in happy times at least.

My gre admit card

Sonu Nigam at Suntec City, Singapore on 18th May

Life After GRE. Now i had just 4 days to enjoy there. Well after my gre, I directly went to the temple to thank God and then I started planning how would I spend my remaining 4 days. It all went as per plan.
What was the exception on 19th May if you remember I mentioned earlier. Well it was no normal day, It was my first visit to the casino. I went in with an excitement and dream I had been living since the days i started playing zynga poker on facebook. This dream was coming true finally 🙂 . But when I went in, it was a different world. They played with real money and that too dollars while all these years i used to play with fake chips. The minimum bet was 25$ and when i convert that to INR, it always left me agape. But I had to play, I had lived with this dream. There was a fear of loosing, but more than that was the enthusiasm of playing and the presence of my uncle helped me overcome that fear. I played, it didn’t go well in the begining but then I gained pace and ended on a good note with profit :). I won good. It wouldn’t have ended that soon if there wasn’t a bayern chelsea champions league final that night. I had to watch that, It was already 4am ..  I rushed for a tv, but with this feeling that I’ll be coming back again after my gre. Chelsea won the champions league and it was like a utopia. All my wishes were fulfilled. What a night it was, had breakfast at orchard road before heading home to sleep.

Casino Royale

As promised I went to the casino again after my gre. This time I was loosing, loosing very badly. I had lost almost whatever I won the other night. I was left with only that much to play one more game and then a miracle happened. I won a jackpot. ( Four Kings if you know hands in poker). I was in disbelief and I got up to go to pee. God, I should have encashed it then. But I choose to play more, as I had come there for playing and not with the mindset of earning money. I played again after a short break, I lost I won and then lost on my profit, but still left with a decent amount considering I was a novice in this casino play.

Merlion at Sentosa
Some new resort at Sentosa
Marina Bay , a place where you don’t realize how time passes by

2nd visit to casino … before taking a break from gambling

I couldn’t sleep all night after this and I had a flight to catch to go back home next morning. AIR INDIA tried to spoil my day, but thankfully nothing bad happened although I didn’t get my luggage on time. But It was a nice 23 days wherein I lived my life on my terms. I realized my importance and potentials, more importantly I realized what I wanted in life and what all things shouldn’t remain in the picture. Next I have taken steps accordingly. It was an awesome, memorable and most fruitful trip of the dozens of trips i have had all my life. This one will always be there in my cache, all my life till end.

On my way back .. (could be my last trip by AI this decade)


Coming out of hibernation

11 thoughts on “MARVELOUS MAY TRIP ……

  1. Superb Buddy…so well crafted and articulated..
    I cud just sail thru the whole story in one go and was like..whaaaow!!!! wat an epitome of life adventure..felt like I am watching some Sitcom.. .frm loneliness to thrill, happiness , living as if I give a damnnn to anyone..come what may..I am here to have fun..and with fun..happened the unexpected!!! GRE …. and thy too happening and coming out with flying colors.. 🙂 Keep it up buddy..proud of you..such an interesting and adventerous story..Great Share my boy..loved reading it..and yeah enjoyed the pics..Singapore looks awesome yaa… 🙂 Hope I shall visit it soon..

    As of now wish me luck too…and may GOD be with me & shower his Blessings upon me, so tht evn I shall come out with flying colors..hope you got that!!! 🙂


  2. @harmesh .. Thanks for your comments .. ya it looks like a movie story to me too .. full of adventure and joy at end .. I hope to come forward with many more such experiences .. My best wishes are always there with you . . do feel free to contact for any issues as always .. Hope u started and end it successfully soon ..

    @aniket .. thanks ..

  3. seems to be awesome trip…i m sure u must hav njoyd a lot!!…..kaash main bhi aata tere saath 😉
    nways next time…lolzz
    but its good…thoda change mila…most of d deadlocks and probs are over…gr8…
    njoy.. 🙂

  4. haha.. sure had lotsa fn, didn't you? m glad..u deserved the break after being forever-frustrated at work. congrats on your score too…keep it up man!

  5. thanx rajat, harshal an vanita ..
    yaaa all i had lots of fun .. ..
    ya harshal main toh puctha bhi hu .. lets go goa sometime ..deadlocks keep nd go ..
    ya dat environment is forever frustrating for me . . time to completely get outta der …

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