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My 100th blogpost

Ya this long 4 year journey on blogger has reached its first milestone, 100 and going and what better place to write it than the mumbai international airport, never planned this, just a co-incidence. This airport has really undergone a makeover, you have to see to believe and i’ll remember that smile of the beautiful lady at the AI counter who told me that I see you travel by business class tomorrow when i tried to correct her for giving me an executive class sticker instead of an economy one. Hope her words come true, travelling places and wandering is what i love and live for.

Well coming to 100, i have been writing assiduously since the past 6 months or so and have also created one blog on wordpress. What has been holding me on for so long considering that I have very few readers and visitors, for some posts even 0? I would say, just my passion for writing and nothing else.

Also as I wait for my airbus to Singapore, I introspect and retrospect my life. I find hard to answer some questions. Whether the world around me has changed or the world inside me ? I would say that the world was always the same, just that i couldn’t see the real picture,but now that i see it, this might have led to the change .. change in the way perceived by others too .. All i have learned about life is that it moves on, no matter what

On personal grounds, I don’t know exactly what I am doing with my life. Well on a normal friday I would be standing at the highway arguing about the high price charged for the bus home, but today here I am at the airport going somewhere. This trip is different from the usual ones which i plan well in advance and meticulously but this one is a result of frustrated weeks of feb and march and there was no looking back because of the ticketing policies. /* entering my flight */ I feel bad that I’ll have to act like a truant and I have to pay a big price for it, maybe it will degrade my already bad reputation and ofcourse it will hit me monetirally too.

And somewhere GRE came in between. I don’t know anything about my tomorrow, but in these weeks of uncertainty and turmoil, it has given me a reason to live. Improving my vocabulary was one of my dreams and i am glad to say that it has been achieved to a great extent. Hope to end the GRE chapter soon so I move on with other things in life.

There would be a different place to go back to when i come back. The absence of some close colleagues will add woes to the already apathetic environment. But for now I am off to a different world, where I have a young and merry family, a task to accomplish at anson road, nasi goreng to eat, sonu nigam to meet and most exciting of all, to make my casino debut.

I go with this hope  that I have nothing to repent on my way back.

My flight is about to take off . Bye .. 🙂 …

May skip few weekly doses and instead give a brief overview of my journey ..


Coming out of hibernation

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