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MISSION 75 … The hiatus over

How would you feel when you have to carry a weight of a  laptop, few bulky books and some more pithy stuff everywhere you go, when u get up, at home, at work, while roaming, while sleeping, basically while doing every activity of yours 24 * 7. Sounds not so nice but I was carrying this stuff with me for so long. Now I need not.

So the good news finally arrives. After 3 weeks of disappointment, finally I lost it. Nothing else meets this joy of losing. Apparently I lost 2 kgs making my grand loss of around  4.5 kgs since March 6, 2012

So 5 weeks and 4.5 down sounds hopeful. Yes I get tempted but I have done my best not to get carried away and resist to the wishes of my senses. I even end up missing my daily walks because of the sadness of not losing a pound in 3 weeks, but this week had been a strategy change and it worked. At times its very painful but the reward leaves me equally ecstatic.

Now I gotta carry on with the momentum. Lot of other activities bothering around, but have to not allow anything to perturb me.


Coming out of hibernation

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