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The Wait

Sometimes it brings joy counting down
But the other way round leaves a frown

It’s just like the burning candle
Here the darkness is what you eagerly wait to handle

The only question which bothers you is “When” ?
What disturbs you is how life will pass till Then

Sometimes, the wait is for something to begin
At times the eagerness for bad times to end

Wait has numerous forms, short to long
And worst among all is when its forcefully prolong

It’s a period which tests your patience
All you need to deal with it is a blend of courage and perseverance

The wait is not something which starts today and ends some other day
It’s like a sinusoidal wave with a perennial play

The wait to get rid of exams during school time
To meet an old friend after a long while

The wait to look forward to a joyful trip
Adding everlasting memories to the heap

Of all above, for some the longest wait
Is the wait to meet their soul mate

The wait to see a dream turn true ends leaving an everlasting glue
The joy about which no one else will ever have a clue


Coming out of hibernation

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