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Why do some journeys end so abruptly
Even when you care and hold it on so punctiliously
Why does their absence now leave dolor
When at some point, without them too life was full of color
Why do you realize late that some moments were just too fatuous
Or is it that you want to hold them on because they still seem precious
Why do you leave some questions unanswered
Or do you fear to find  the answers and leave your mind bewildered
Why do some memories always haunt
In spite of telling your mind that they are no longer what you want
Why do you still pray and hope
Even when the task ahead is like jogging on a tenuous rope
Why don’t you learn your lessons and move on
Or is it that you still find hard to believe that it’s gone
Why let something you left behind (or that left you behind) still bother you
The future is waiting, So to the past it’s time to bid adieu


Coming out of hibernation

4 thoughts on “ABRUPT ENDINGS

  1. GRE ki preparation dikh rahi hai..:-)

    Jokes apart, there are many “Whys” in our life that always go unanaswered. A few of your Whys have answers though.

    Will give you one advice. Not sure you will follow it or not. “Never look back and forth in life. God knows whats happening and if he is letting something happen that means he has plans for you. He knows all. Just live the moment without questioning it. Coz if you question, you are creating confusion for yourself. So just accept what comes, you may not like it initially, but dont forget that dawai jitni kadwi hoti hai, uska asar utna hi accha hota hai”. So just be happy and live the moment with a smile. Future shouldnt bother you.

  2. Nice poem Deepak… 🙂
    Aniket agreed that we should live in the moment, accept what comes our way but still somewhere in our mind we need an answer of our “whys”. For time being u may justify urself and accept it but then after some point of time these question will again hit u…

  3. Hi Angel :-). Dnt know who are you, but your Introduction states
    “I am a very sweet,talkative and simple living girl. I dont care about future and believe in today… :)”..

    And thats exactly what I was saying “Dnt think abt the future, live the moment”. Questions do haunt, but its never essential to find answers.:-)

  4. I know i m a real mean blogger replying to your comments after almost 13 months. But guys your feedback really does make a difference. Going through my old poems, i feel i had become better with every new one i wrote. This was my last poem till date. I really feel like continuing from where i left. Thanks for your support pals.

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