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Yes i have started .. to run towards my dream .. Its always good if you have a destination, be it far .. Its better than wandering .. This is the basic truth about life .. else life does not have any meaning and I clearly understand this from my experience especially of the past 3-4 months. It took me time to get clear about the path I had to follow .. 

Now, regarding this mission of mine, everything is going good though slow but something is better than nothing. 1.5 kgs down in 2 weeks, not bad I would say considering I never had this thought last month. I am making myself undergo several penances and I hope this will pay off soon.
This time its been no easy, considering that I don’t get customized home made food for 5 days a week, I have office, I have other things and exams too to be busy with, etc . . but that’s no excuse .. It will just add on heavy content and joy to my post “MISSION 75 Achieved” 
The coming 6 weeks are very crucial as I’ll be going abroad after that where I’ll still try to not loose my momentum. But If I do good in the coming 6 weeks, my trip will be more fun.
When you have a dream, chase it .. Dreams do come true. Sachin says it everytime. Ya true, when you have a dream, live for it. Its determination and perseverance that make nothing impossible. And if you loose this in your way, understand that It was never the thing what you wanted. If you are serious and hungry for something, you ought to get it. So many movies have shown this, and its a fact …
Wish me good luck 🙂


Coming out of hibernation

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