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Emotional season 7

Hi … just watching HIMYM season 7 .. very much attached to this show its been 2 years since i watched the first episode and then never failed to miss any ..

I love this show, i see a part of ted in me .. and s7 has been kinda emotional in that sense .. also do i need to say anything about barney, he simply rocks .. 
I wish I was a part of such a group who meet everyday at the bar, hang out together, know each other so well, help out, have fun .. 
I keep on watching the same episodes again and again .. must have watchd every episode of season 1 atleast 5-6 times .. and thats coz not I have no work, thats coz i love this show and ya BIG BANG THEORY too ..
Barney stinson and Sheldon cooper are amazing characters, spending time with them .. watching their weird acts .. laughing at it .. it makes me forget everything else, everything else .. 
I havent started watching FRIENDS yet. I have kept it in store. 


Coming out of hibernation

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