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So, after a long period of indecision and troubling myself as well as folks around, finally I come out with some clear plans. I can’t say that this period of turmoil is completely over yet but I learnt many things which I shall carry forward all life

Sharing isn’t good always, only exceptional cases ..
No one is busy, Its all about priorities
No one can understand or solve your problem, Only You can .. If you have someone to help you out, consider yourself very lucky
So hectic days ahead … lots of stuff to do … 
  Have to make way for change soon, and ya dis time i m done with enough of thinking and speaking, its time to act. I am yet not a management guy. Let me master the art of self management and maybe then I can think about a very common Indian MBA .. I am a techie, a learner for now. MS has always remained in the back of my mind, still under consideration but that’s a different thought process in all. For now as many techie certifications as possible. And even have a hand on ANDROID ..
 Too much stuff ahead, have to do with LOR, make an awesome resume, have a confrontation for role change else take a harsh step, dedicate time to blogging, writing, improving vocab, photography, dieting, exercising, gmat, a trip to delhi and lucknow .. (Rajdhani + Shatabdi .. It would be royal ) , make my first android app, finish Big Bang Theory and HIMYM new seasons, … So much in store, who says I have nothing to do .. Need to timely manage things .. excited abt some stuff, worried about some .. hope all turns out good .. 


Coming out of hibernation

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