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There comes a time in life where everything seems blank and silence pervades all around. You open your eyes and see yourself standing in the middle of nowhere. Then there are people moving all around and different paths in different directions leading somewhere.  You stand still not knowing where to go, but just halting is not human nature. Life is all about moving, but where to go? What if this path takes me somewhere I don’t want to be? What if this, what if that?

Life is a journey built in lines with a matrix of such crossroads we face from time to time. One crossroad leads to another. What we are today, who we are with today is coz of the decisions and paths we chose at some point, after pausing at some crossroad. These pauses determine our future, our fate. They make us introspect, look inside us, know our priorities, understand our self, our wants, decide our path and then no looking behind.

At some crossroad I stand today pausing for quite a while now, I look inside and retrospect what I have been following for long. Should I go on with it, should I go straight or its time to move another way? I know the straight path will lead me somewhere, yes that somewhere is where I wanted to be someday, that’s why I choose you my path someday. But today, I am not sure if that somewhere is really where I want to be? Still I would have moved on either way as I have been doing for long thinking that that somewhere might be where I should be.

But today I pause coz the path ahead looks dark and I believe that reaching your destination gives real pleasure only when the journey trailing it is beautiful and happening. There is no point in achieving your goal when you find no joy in it, when you look behind to find all you missed on the way; the path trailing was that of compromise rather than satisfaction.

Time has come to give chance to the alternates. I don’t know where they will lead me, where I’ll be. I can see nothing for now but dark. Time will unwind what has to come; light will make its way. Will I be alone that way or I meet great companions? Yes I am skeptic, but I have to give it a chance. When I change my way, some may laugh some may appreciate. Some may think of it as a brave step forward, some stupid. But does that matter? Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

Living with a hope of a better tomorrow 🙂


Coming out of hibernation

2 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. Nice One… Full of positive attitude… Could easily relate to myself… Its very true that often our future seems to be so unclear that we dont wanna take risks. We miss out the things we wanna do and when we realise its too late. If we start thinking positively and dont care about future then may be we actually start living life… 🙂

  2. I wont say that its dark now. Its a haze that clears with time. Soon u’ll have the foresight of what lies ahead. Its imp to be on the crossroads. Coz if there hadn’t been crossroads,all roads wld have lead to same destination. That wldnt look nice innit? Nd crossroads make u think,make u speculate and most importantly make u trust urself and god. so have faith my friend. Well written dear. Nd yes, as rinky said, u shldnt think of future while taking ne decision.

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