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Will miss u 5800 .. Welcome Lumia 710

Change is inevitable. Everything changes with time. Old has to give its space to the new. So finally after using my close to heart cellphone 5800 (13) for around 2.5 yrs (from June 2009), time had come to bid it adieu and make place for a much advanced lumia 710.

5800 will always have a special place. It was my first smart phone. I never imagined owning one, but it came as a surprise and too early in my hands for that time. Ya it was simple to use, lovely looks, superb music, great battery life, what not. 5800 did give me some problems regularly. I kept on loosing stylus and finally stopped using, I had repaired it 2-3 times, once the touch not functioning was a major crisis. But still it was worth it. It taught me to use touch, gprs, maps, numerous apps and what not. But that’s not what ill miss. It was something way beyond. It had some special memories associated with it. Some special messages, the more special reply messages that I used to wait anxiously for, some unforgettable calls, and the dim light in the middle which used to gloom on missed calls and unread messages, I used to open my eyes in the middle of my sleep to look for it, i’ll miss that the most.

Why Lumia :-

1) Iphone is overpriced and I already own an ipod .. so no repetition anyways.
2) Samsung and android were never made for me, also galaxy is way too common
3) Blackberry … No ways .. never
4) For someone who uses gadgets so roughly, the hardware had to be nokia. I trust nokia.
5) Windows phone is a nice OS .. believe it or not .. I am already loving it

I hope this new part of my life never makes me feel the absence of my old buddy and has better memories in store. Even more special infact. It will play a pivotal role in all major life events henceforth. Welcome to the future 🙂


14th Jan marked the end of the 5800 era for me and my friends Aniket Santani and coincidentally Reshma Chandwani.

Symbian – R.I.P


Coming out of hibernation

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