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It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause atyphoon halfway around the world. – Chaos Theory …

“The butterfly effect”. When I came across this term, I was confused and drowned in thoughts about what it must be. Then when I read the above quote related to it I became more inquisitive and then when I watched the movie to understand the same, I understood the message it tried to convey.
Yes, The butterfly effect teaches us not to cry over any of our past events, not to regret what has already happened and also that our actions have a cascading effect on future course of actions and the ripples of this cascading effect are felt everywhere around the universe. It teaches us that even if we try to go back and change something about our past, It will fetch no fruit. What happened had to happen, nothing should be changed. There is a meaning and effect of every occurrence, even if we take it as something insignificant.
There is no such thing as a perfect life. What we are today are the consequences of our past actions and decisions and even changing one of them can alter our journey to a great extent which can be beyond imagination. So let it be, let it go. That’s what has been expressed.


Coming out of hibernation

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