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2011 summarized

As curtains fall on 2011, its time to introspect what all went throughout the year be it good or bad. 2011, was too heavy. So much happened personally and in general that I might fall short of words to express.

2011 made me learn a lot, gain knowledge both as an individual and a professional. It made me experience all. It killed the pessimist inside me and gave birth to a ray of optimism, experience guilt like never before to moments of being loved, experience both loneliness as well as happiness and in the end valuing solitude. There were moments of joy when new ray of lights entered life to times of loss and bereavement. It taught me lessons, find meaning and purpose in life, gain back my track of devotion, and not to lament over something which can’t be changed and is universally true.

Displacement was at its peak, I changed so many homes, rooms and roomies that I fail to recollect the same. Even my friends then lost interest to keep track. But all of them had something in common; they all used to say that I talk crap while sleeping. Sorry to all. Coming back to the point; in simple words, I can say 2011 was a year when I moved in, moved out and moved on. But the best thing I knew was at the end, I stopped worrying about the same and always left it on divine hands.
Job is something which I don’t know if I am being fair to as in loving what I do, but doing it for some sake. Hope things change in future. But still learnt quite a bit technically as well as I realize I can speak up and say No too. Don’t know if I lack professionalism, but sometimes it’s a question of priorities which no one else better than you yourself can understand.
OK enough of sad things to leave aside. Let me bring forward some good things too. I made some new friends, hopefully didn’t lose touch with my old ones and also realized with time that friendship is way bigger than my minute ego.
 India winning the world cup was the best moment I’ll remember that throughout life. The 1 week August trip was the highlight of this year; I wish many more of such to follow. Other memories and joyful moments I recollect is watching paranormal activity with friends where a comedy was made out of horror, watching all 4 seasons of big bang theory, reading books like never before, switching to iPod touch, getting appreciated for writing blogs and poems, losing weight although gaining back the same, getting calls from friends who I thought were completely out of touch, those Fridays I rushed home to unite with my family, the two or three farewells for Kunal, bike riding lessons from Aniket, Sunil and Lavish and fraternal advice from Harshal, the nonsense talks with Ankita and other teammates; thanks for listening and bearing.
Unlike other years, I could fulfill some of my New Year resolutions which were spending less time on facebook, quitting my poker addiction and lessening my maggi intake. Weight loss will continue and hopefully end in 2012. But it also makes me realize that my fight is with something beyond fat.

2011 was a year of change, It dethroned kings and dictators, took away many of artists together, had a barrage of natural disasters, economic ups and downs and what not. 2011 is over, 2012 or any other year can’t be worse than this. But we tend to be skeptic about the future. As said “The future is scary, but we can’t hold back to the past just because it’s familiar”, so let’s move on and welcome 2012. The world won’t end coz I have some big plans for 2013 and even rajinikanth bought a gadget with a 3 year warranty, so no worries.
And last but not the least, I would like to thank all companions, friends and people who helped and supported me in this turbulent year. Thank you all, and if I have hurt any of you anytime anyhow, please forgive me for my mistakes.
Wishing and Hoping for a happy, prosperous and blissful 2012.


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