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The Inner Vision

‘Now you just see the anisette. I, on the other hand, because I need to be inside everything I do, see the plant it came from, the storm the plant endured, the hand that picked the grain, the voyage by ship from another land, the smells and colors with which the plant allowed itself to be imbued before it was placed in the alcohol … ‘

I came across these lines in a book, Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho and these wonderful lines struck me so much that I read it again and again. Isn’t it thoughtful of an artist to think so deep of something which we all might have merely considered alcohol just by its look and taste.  Like him even if we try to look inside, we shall find that all of us are born artists capable of thinking the same way. Even we could try to go deep inside everything and then the world would be a different place.

In our present world, sadly I observe that forget the inanimate things; we even look at people as mere objects to serve some purpose and address them accordingly. The names differ from roles, places to profession. Like in the world I currently work in, the IT world, the field that has revolutionized the planet and done wonders, sometimes addresses its people by the jargon ‘resource’.

‘What some just see as a resource’, on the other hand could see in him the dreams he visualizes, the struggles he experienced, the pain he endured, the schooling he underwent, the exams he cleared, the battle he fought, the sacrifices he made, the burden of expectations he carried and still does, the land he comes from and travelled across, the art and knowledge he posses, the intellectual he has, the loves and blessings showered upon him and what not. If seeing so, the perception would change for sure. There could be several alternate terms that could be used that no one’s dignity be hurt.

And it’s not just the IT world. It could be what we think as servants, drivers, cleaners, peons, clerks or anyone. If we see them by our real eye we would not just limit ourselves to thinking of them as mere servants, drivers, cleaners, peons and clerks. Everyone serves a purpose and fits a role which deserves respect and value. The real purpose everyone is living is way different from all this and that’s the same for every being.

Deep hopes that some terms in this world become obsolete and he, his friends and all try to see the inside of everything.


Coming out of hibernation

2 thoughts on “The Inner Vision

  1. Nice one again..:).. Title it “A resource”.. Would be more apt.. Yes you are right.. Real-eying (Read it realizing) a person’s persona is very important.

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