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The Child Within

A default setting we all are tuned into by the creator, and isn’t it an awesome period of one’s life. One is the center of everyone’s attraction, the reason for smiles and always showered with love and care, oblivious of sins and bad happenings, innocent, pure and a mirror image of the truth. Lucky are all of us who underwent such a beautiful and blissful experience. Even a mere flashback of that period brings light to our face.

But as humans, a lot is expected of us i.e. to mix ourselves with a society, to gain education and lead a life which is termed as normal and mature and come across money, relationships, discrimination, etc. in the process.  I completely dislike it when someone taunts me “You are no more a child. Grow up”. Why?

Grow up, it’s ok but why sideline or outcast the child within each of us. We all need to grow up and act mature at times but not throughout. It doesn’t make me happy for long. I feel I am not acting true to myself in that case. By being a child I don’t mean babbling around, playing games, or just end up doing such activities. Just think for a moment what attributes of a baby would you like to possess.

When you are a child, you be yourself. You don’t act depending on the surrounding and people around. You don’t know the meaning of the term “worry” and money is nothing but just a piece of paper. You do what you like; all time in the world is yours. You feel blessed and everyone loves you, you do experience love but you are away from all attachments, and that’s the best part if you realize. You know no one will harm you and someone in some form will surely protect you in any case. You smile no matter what, and cry just to grab attention or ask for food.  You didn’t have big wants, but you had all you should have been actually wanting today. Look within, you still have these qualities or are they lost somewhere? No they must be hidden somewhere deep.  Just few minutes each day, take out time from your hectic routine, hit out your lifestyle and exhibit this feeling; the best could be when you could sync your current life with this original mode of yours.

Forget where you are, what you want to do, who all bother you. Just for a moment you are your true self, your pure form. Everyone you come across just try to teach you something; and you become like you are, do you even remember how you learnt walking or speaking; similarly you won’t remember the reason for your state of mind few years from now, but in reality it is your day to day experiences, reactions, actions and people you come across who play a role in its development. So don’t judge anyone as bad or good, just thank them in any case. Remember, they too are or were like you at some point.

 Problems come and go; they don’t halt for you why do you halt for them. A child doesn’t even know what until he comes across this term in his first math class. So just treat problems similarly as solving a mathematical equation, nothing beyond that. Share it with your friends, some of them must be great mathematicians for sure.

Also a child loves being with children around. So this friend of yours is still a child, if you know even a bit of him and he would always love his friends to join in showing a similar gesture, how lovely it would be. So let us all tune into the same mode, have a nice time and give meaning and joy to our lives.

 Let us try to be who we actually are.



Coming out of hibernation

7 thoughts on “The Child Within

  1. Really great article out there.. You are much better at articles than poems… Keep writing more.. A line that intrigued me the most is “A child doesn’t even know what until he comes across this term in his first math class.”. Nice Stuff in all..

  2. Aniket, you give me a challenging task of proving you both right (in terms of articles) and wrong (with poems). Anyways, really thankful for the appreciation and motivation you always bestow me with

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