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                                         My Camera

Finally after much thinking and hesitation, I finally decide to make the above an important part of my future life. I have always considered it as an important device and still do in spite of the fact that camera features and quality in mobiles have improved with time. Both are two different things, i believe. The latter is used to capture pictures, the former is something beyond pictures, it is used to make memories and  relive moments.

My old camera served me well for 5 years, but with time it gave up. Numerous surgeries and operations didn’t help either and technology moves on, it waits for no man, so had to buy one and now was the right time.

Also, at times i feel there is an artist, a photographer hidden inside me, maybe a good cam will help it come out. I pledge to give my creative side a chance. Well I have always been wondering what makes a picture beautiful and different. Is it the background place, the people in it, the camera which was used to capture it or the photographer. I think all play a role, but only an expert can answer how big a role does each one play.

Well to end this or you can see to begin with I hope this new friend of mine will help me capture, share and relive memories … some of which you will be a part too ..

Wish me good luck 🙂



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