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How long will this continue ?

Just finished watching a documentary on Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji on youtube …
     He had all the qualities and character suitable for an ideal PM. His track record was exemplary. His speeches, poems have inspired many unlike our current nominal PM who if speaks is a wonder in itself. The weird thing is that still he is not even a member of the Lok Sabha. VajpayeeJi at times openly criticized US and Pakistan which I don’t feel Mr. Manmohan Singh will ever dream of doing. VajpayeeJi too had his fair share of tough times in the form of Kargil, IC-814 and 2001 Parliament attack which he dealt with in his own way.
   I have always held the image of Advani responsible for the consecutive losses of BJP. People never want to see him as a PM. Now, that its official that he no longer remains the prime ministerial candidate and that the masses are very much frustrated by the current looser government, its quite clear that BJP will get a clear mandate in the next elections whenever.
  I am quite sure this government  won’t last long. We have had enough. Enough of inflation, price hikes, bomb blasts, inaction, corruption, pile of scams, lies, what not. You have given us the worst agricultural minister, the worst aviation minister, the worst telecom minister and what not again. All you know is to make false promises. You can’t even resolve the issue of Telangana which you promised to, how can u deal with naxalism. The Maharaja has stooped from the sky to deep underground because of your mismanagement. You couldn’t manage a properly functioning airline, how long can we let you manage this nation. You couldn’t even deal with the Anna campaign diligently, I know you won’t let the Lokpal bill pass properly, All you know is to set up committees. How long will you hide your dirty cabinet behind the so called clean image of our PM. To add to it, you have people like Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi who whenever speak also make others speak to defend their misinterpreted comments.
     An attack on the scale of 26/11 happened and the perpetuators still haven’t been brought into justice. On the contrary you continue having peace talks with our neighbors. Inspite of this, the people trusted you but now we realize that 2009 was a big mistake which all of us want to correct soon. Everyone is waiting for the next general election to vote out the congress and that too hopefully forever. It has never made our country have a smooth sail on the path of progress. A truly said adage that “If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress ? “
   God, I can’t wait till 2014. I hope to see a new government, a new inspiring pm, a new ray of hope and a bright path towards progress for my nation soon.
  Jai Hind


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