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Its been a long year here

         It was this day a year back which was my first day as a working professional. It was a way new, different and better world at first. The magnanimous, beautiful Mysore campus would make anyone feel proud to be part of such an organization. I had a luxurious stay there. Mysore, wouldn’t have been that beautiful if not for TSEC friends. So thankful to all of them. Even a layman undergoing an extensive training there would feel a computer expert someday so I won’t comment much on that. I faced few low points with my final year academics and was inconsistent during the training but today, when I look behind, those things hardly play any role.
       Mysore made me value mom and home like never before. Thankfully, the hectic training, frequent outings, numerous movies made time pass like nothing. At times, I felt I was in a state of bliss. Half way through, got shifted to Pune and that was the best that that could have been offered. The initial days were tough, especially coming out of that love well was painful. I changed 3 homes in a short span of 4 months. It took me a long way to settle and be stable both in space and in mind. I give credit to all my friends especially Altu in helping me come out of that phase of depression and loneliness. Sometimes, the mere presence of good friends and few random talks with them is all  it takes to make one feel happy.       
      Well, on a professional level, I have been luckier than my peers in the same organization. Although, it has been a rough path, I didn’t experience things that would have added to my woes. On a personal level I feel it would have been better if the work here could commensurate with the world class training provided, else the latter is a waste. There have been days, where I had too much work and now I experience days where I have not much to do. These kinds of days made me introspect and have forced me think beyond work and IT job. That can be taken as a positive, and a blessing in a disguise. It has made me utilize my spare time in an efficient way.
     Sitting on my desk, I sometimes wonder if I had taken the right decision a year back and what would I have done if I could go back in time. Would I revert back ? No point thinking about this hypothetical question now. The decision I took was right at that point of time, although it may not seem the same now. Looking at where some other college pals are today, even I wish I moved at that pace. But whatever happens has some good in it. This 1 year experience has taught me what 21 years couldn’t like visiting new places, meeting new people, making new friends, living and travelling alone, surviving on junk food, putting on and losing weight, falling and coming out of what u believe was true love, thinking beyond working as an IT professional, not judging something be it a product, a person or an organization by mere its appearance coz it may be a different story inside and the most important thing I have learnt is to value my family. This one year has thought me the importance of family more than any other point of time in life. Now I look  beyond “making friends my family” to “making friends in my family”.
     Sometimes I feel if BE-IT itself was the right decision, but if it had not been the case, then I wouldn’t  have got the  chance to meet and know u guys. If I were not here where I am today, I would have missed on so many experiences, so no regret but a hope and a strong will, desire and need to move on that too very soon .


Coming out of hibernation

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