Posted in Mission 75


Now closer to my goal in single digits ……..yes 9 more to go ….. efforts and sacrifices paying off ….

This dream is surely going to come true some day .. 
The accomplishment of this task is very important to me at a personal level. I had been through a tough time in the past few months, felt like a looser when i was not getting what I wanted and this thought came somewhere in between.When this dream comes true, it will be a sense of achievement and that feeling of a looser will fade away for sure. 
That day, that feeling of achievement I can’t remember when i experienced last ..
When true, this will make me believe that I can get what I want, what I deserve … nothing is impossible. God can’t be cruel at all.
When u ask for something and he gives u that, its good and if he doesn’t something better is in store.
For now he knows i am asking for good.
Going slowly and steadily towards my goal
Thank you God.


Coming out of hibernation

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