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There are ups and downs. Sometimes one more than the other. But that’s life, can’t help it. Even the richest of rich has low times. Even the poorest of the poor may have a joyful moment.
But what’s that everyone in this world really wants. What ? What do we all really want
And the answer isn’t that complex.
All we really want is happiness, mere happiness as simple as that.
We all have complicated this simple term. It is the simple goal all humans want but all take a different journey to achieve.
For some happiness is having lots of money, for some it is their pride.
For some it is having their special one besides them always.
For some it is keeping their parents happy.
For some it is travelling places, having latest gadgets, eating exotic food.
Some achieve it by spirituality.
Some achieve it by social service and some achieve it by wrong means.
Many of us mix them all just like  in a spiders web
I am one of them too.
I know this dialogue from one old hindi favourite of mine “It’s so simple to be happy, but it’s so difficult to be simple”
To be continued … no getting late for my bus …


Coming out of hibernation

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