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What makes me feel Special ?

I may not have become a true friend to anyone
I may not be a good brother to my sisters
I may not have been a good student
I don’t know if I am a good coder
But when I asked my mom “Am I good son ?”
She told me that I am the best … J
That’s a true compliment and the best I ever got
This Sunday was special, I spent quality time with my mom. She has been with me everytime of need, care and happiness. Maybe I could have done more for her, but its never too late. Maybe I should share more of my life with her. She is the one who remembers me, calls me everyday, hides my secrets with dad. She makes me feel I have someone to live for. She is special and by saying this to me, she made me feel special too J
And ya, I have and will always try to be good in my other roles too. There is always scope for improvement na …….


Coming out of hibernation

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