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              There are something’s which we don’t to like to see. It maybe some people, some eatables, some apparels, some movies. But what if u don’t like looking at the mirror. The feel u get every moment you are in a conscious state because of your shape. There is an unwanted part of me which i want to get rid of as soon as possible. I had got rid of it some years back, but it’s just like a ghost which is haunting me again.
             Last week was undoubtedly the best week for any Indian cricket fan with India winning the world cup in style and deserving champions indeed. It brought tears of joy to many faces. The tears which come when you achieve something you desperately wanted to for long. Even i had such tears 5-6 years back when i came down from 90+ to 76.
             But i hope the Indian team doesn’t do the same mistake as i did which has resulted in this current state of mine. They should not be carried away by their achievements. Sometimes I think “what is left for them to achieve? “. They are the no.1 test team, world champs and have won t20 wc too. Is there anything left to achieve. I used to think d same too wen i came down to 76. I had forgotten the fact that nothing is permanent.
          Yes, the real test is now. TO STAY WHERE THEY ARE … i hope they will always unlike me who got carried away and tempted to live the bad lifestyle and in the process .. i have to start again from scratch. It feels bad when u worked very hard for something, u achieved it and u realize it is not with u anymore the same way Mr. Ponting must be feeling right now, but thats a different story altogether. But I’m sure and confident that my past achievements will help and motivate me to achieve my goal ” MISSION 75 ” and then my experience will never allow me to come up with any such “MY FIGHT WITH FAT v3.0”


Coming out of hibernation

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